League Rules

High school basketball rules will apply as published by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS). Additional ABA rules for all Divisions (PK-IV) with exceptions noted below:

  1. Every player must play at least: (Div K = 16 mins; Divisions A-4 = 20 mins). Any exceptions must be cleared with the Game Day Coordinator/Board Member and parent(s) prior to game. Violation of this rule may result in forfeiture of the game.
  1. Players must wear the ABA issued jerseys and shorts. Failure may result in a one-time technical foul being assessed against the offending team.
  1. No free substitutions at all. Substitutions will be made at the 5:00 minute mark of each quarter. To aid coaches in substitution, the clock will be stopped at approximately the 5:00 minute mark of each quarter. Coaches are instructed to have the substitutions ready for play at the 5:00 mark. This substitution mark is not to be considered a time out for coaches unless the coach calls a time out.
  1. Tie scores in regulation time are allowed one (1) two-minute overtime with stop clock. In tournament play, extra periods will be two (2) minutes in length, until a winner is determined.
  1. Full Court Pressing: Div PK-K & A See #20. Div 1 See # 24. Divisions 1 – 4: No full court presseswith a fifteen-point lead. A team technical foul (two free throws and possession of the ball at mid court) will be assessed to the pressing team after the first warning to the pressing team. After the third team technical foul, the coach will be assessed for a technical foul. See Rule # 17
  1. Running clock except for the last two minutes of the game and any overtime periods unless of a 15-point lead. Clock will be stopped during the last two minutes of the game for foul shots and out of bounds. Clock starts when a player touches the ball on the in-bound throw.
  • Time can also be stopped for an injury or at the discretion of the referees or game coordinator.
  1. Div PK, K, A & 1 players may step over the foul line after shooting foul shot.
  1. Allow one hour for each game as follows:
  • 50-minute game activities
  • All Divisions: 4 – ten minute quarters and a two-minute quarter for extra periods.
  • 2 thirty-second time outs per team per half and one time-out during each extra period. Time-outs do not carry over to the second half or overtime period. Each team has one one-minute time-out during an extra period.2 one-minute quarter breaks and a three-minute break at half.
  • A maximum of 3 minutes warm-up as time allows. Games may start early if all players are present for both teams.
  1. Only the coach and a maximum of 2 assistant coaches may sit with their team during games. The assistant must be seated or facing the bench players. Only one coachis permitted to stand and coach the team on the court. Violation may result in a warning to the coach followed by a technical foul against the coach for continued violations.
  1. Player “Trash talking” and other unsportsmanlike conduct, which includes flagrant fouls and taunting, will not be tolerated. The game officials have been instructed to put an immediate stop to it. The first offense will result in a warning and additional violations will result in player technical fouls and/or ejection. In addition, spectators in the stands who are disruptive may be ejected from the game after one warning from the referee or Board Member. Any person (spectator, coach, player, parent, etc.) that is ejected is required to immediately vacate the gym.
  1. Delay of games: Technical foul is assessed after the first warning. A technical foul will be administered without the warning, if the delay is within the last minute of the quarter.
  1. Game forfeiture: Scheduled game time is forfeiture time. If the team is not ready to play at scheduled time, their game will be forfeited. A team is considered ready to play with a minimum of four (4) players at the scheduled game time.
  1. Divisions PK-K will use 27.5 ball; Divisions I & II will use 28.5 youth (or women’s) ball.
  1. Disconcertion rule – During a free throw, players are not allowed to wave their arms or make any noise to the free throw shooter in an attempt to distract the shooter. Violation will result in the shooter being granted another free throw or a technical foul if the action persists.
  1. Players will wear their jerseys inside their shorts throughout the game. Shorts will be worn at the waist and will not “sag”.
  1. Coaches are required to stay in the “coach’s box”.Violation will be an initial warning followed by a technical foul against the coach for any continued violation.
  1. Unsportsmanlike conduct from a coach or player will result in a technical foul against the coach or player. See Rule #10. Severe violations are subject to Board review and additional penalties may be imposed, i.e., suspension and/or banishment, as deemed necessary.
  1. A coach with two technical fouls assessed to him/her will leave the bench or gym and not be allowed to coach his/her team for the remaining of the game.
  1. Disqualified players will stay on the team’s bench and will not vacate their position on the bench during regulation and overtime play. Violations will result in a one–time technical foul assessed to the coach.
  1. Special Division PK-K & A Rule:Teams may not press in the backcourt at any time. Coaches are given two warnings before a technical foul (two free throws and possession of the ball at mid court) is assessed for each ensuing violation. No warning will be given during the last minute of a quarter.
  1. Special Division PK-K & A Rule:The inbounding team shall have 10 seconds to get ball to the half court line then an additional 5 seconds to get ball across the blue line.
  1. Special Division PK – K & A Rule:Each player will be allowed a free throw at the start of the game. These points will be part of the total score. Free throw will be from the 8′ free throw line. Each team will shoot the maximum number of free throws as the number of opposing players. For example, if one team has eight players and one team has six players, the team with six players will shoot two extra free throws. The team member(s) shooting the free throws will be a player(s) that has not made a free throw at the start of the game. The intent is for each player to have an opportunity to score a point.
  1. Special Division PK-K & A Rule:Lane violation will be 5 seconds.
  1. Special Division PK-K & A Rule:Every player must sit out a minimum of five (5) minutes per game.
  1. Special Division 1 Rule:Teams may not press in the backcourt until the 4th quarter, and overtime as applicable. A team technical foul (two free throws and possession of the ball at mid court) may be assessed to the pressing team after the first warning to the pressing team. After the third violation, the coach will be assessed for a technical foul. See Rule # 17. Three-point shots are counted in Division 1.

Please focus on the kids and not the score. Displays of un-sportsman like conduct from the Coaches, players, or parents will not be tolerated and continued displays of such will result in ejection from the gym.

ABA reserves the right to make changes to these rules as deemed necessary.